how to remove polyurethane foam

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hows one get polyurethane spray foam off the speaker cone? its stuck between the cone and the frame on one of 604e's i picked up yesterday?


We were discussing this set of speakers in another thread. The solution is to use Methylene Chloride if you can get your hands on it. It is the only real solvent for polyurethane foam, I was a molder so I know that for a fact. The problem is that it can and will attack the glue joint between the surround and the cone. What I remember from the other thread is that this one particular speaker has something wrong with the voicecoil and you are more than likely going to have to rebuild the speaker and replace not only the surround but the voicecoil assembly. If you are real careful you will be able to save the cone and use it with a reconing kit. There are a number of companies selling the components that you need to do this or if that isn't something that you are comfortable with there are a bunch of companies that will do it for you. Those are the 604E Altec's I am looking at right. You are the one that got handed the problem but you should be able to salvage the pair and make yourself a nice set of monitors.

do you have a link to that thread i was hunting to see if there was one on here based on the convo i had with the seller who recomended this site and being very carefull about cleaning it off or sending it to great plains witch i have herd mentioned over at audio karma couple times.

at this point i am just seeing what my options are and costs so i can budget.
It looks like they could still save the cone if you can carefully remove the urethane from the back side of the cone. Did you get the pair. I sure hope so. If you got the pair I would think you would want to save the cone, otherwise you would want to recone both devices at the same time or they will sound very different. They will still sound different for quit some time until you break in the spider and the surround as new they will be very stiff.
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