How to prevent bass from going to main speakers

building sub because mains are distorting bass but not sure how to prevent bass from going to mains and still producing the same distorted sounds. My amp does not have sub out just line out so all speakers are getting same signal I think. Do you have a specific product recommendation for a novice. Thanks
beats me, would it work and do you have a specific recommendation? I had assumed there were virtually automatic ways to do this so your mains are not producing distorted bass. whats the point of having mains produce distorted bass and your sub producing clean bass?
isn't there a simple inline crossover that I could put between amp and mains that would prevent all signals below a certain frequency from going to mains. I have a lot a burned CD's from all over with vastly different recording levels. I'd rather set it once and forget it rather than adjust bass control with each track and throughout each track . Thanks!
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if I cap out bass going to main amp then no bass signals will be available for the sub-right?
No, on one side you will and the other you won't. It's complicated going into this without a plan and that means one step at a time. There are a hundred ways to do this so don't guess that we will just know.

Work slowly and first work out what speakers will get what signal. One amp for each or one amp for all? Where will the volume control be? Where will the crossovers be, before or after?

Later you can work out which components/connections/amps to use, and later still you can work out values.
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a series non polar capacitor ?? chances of me getting that one right are 2%

Very easy. Order two of them. It's the size of a small battery.
Just wire one in series at the back of each small speaker.

You can even splice it somewhere in line with one of the speaker wires.
If you can build and wire the sub, you certainly can add the capacitor to a wire.
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