how to mount flared AEROPORT ports

hi members ...

i've just order 2 AEROPORTs to replace my straight flanged pvc port without flares for my current subwoofer. Both are 4inch diameter ports.

ok problem here what surprises me that the AEROPORT i bought has fins at the mounting sides of the port (refer to picture) no mounting screw holes ... so how actually i am going to mount these into my subwoofer enclosure?



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2009-09-12 9:14 am
Bruteforce attack!

More seriously, It's a snug/tight fit, the port is hold in place by being compressed by the circular cutout.... you better measure twice and/or prepare to adapt the porthole with masking take or any other material of your choice....

Also to have them flush-mount you will have to take of 2-3mm depth of the outer diameter with a router...
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