How to improve a DENON POA-2800?


2004-09-10 7:16 pm
I "feel" this powerful three stage amplifier can be optimized, but where should I start? Changing some capacitors for higher specs ou better quality? Mess with bias? ...

Power and frequency response are excelent, but I would like to make the sound get closer to the performance of a Pass Labs amplifier.

By the way, does any one have the schematic of this amp?


Paid Member
2004-06-06 8:31 pm
Georgetown, On
Hi Sony,

This is a tightly engineered amp. It will never sound like a Pass because the circuits are fundamentally different. There is not a whole lot you can do except maybe match the transistors (minor improvement). Most new amps don't lend themselves to improving that much.

Yes you can replace caps, install a magic power cord and replace the feet with whatever someone believes sounds the best. If you replace all the resistors with metal film you will likely "write it off". Don't mess with the bias too much on this.

It's not a bad amp at all. It is unlikely that you can change the sound enough if you don't like it. It is designed to work the way it's built. They are reliable.