How to fix the slop in the Elekit TU-8500 knobs


2017-08-05 12:57 am
When turning the volume or the selector the shaft moves around in the bushing.
This gives a a less then quality feel to the Elekit TU-8500 preamp.

The fix wound up being very simple. I loosened the screws at the shaft coupler,
removed the knob and shalt, then pushed a piece of flat nylon thread (wire
lacing) through the bushing hole and slid the shaft back through the bushing.

The thread takes up the slack between the bushing and the shalt.

It's a very quick and simple fix that improves the feel of the knobs.

PS: I also put a small dab of silicone grease inside the bushing.
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2019-06-24 12:14 am
I thought it was the screws to the shafts and over tightened mine. I stripped the threads on one of the screws on each. IDK if I can even find a set of replacement couplings. Ideas?

Could you post a pic or two of your fix? The slop on this is the only thing that detracts from an otherwise stellar kit.
Did you look thru the two threads mentioned above in my previous post? One of them has a pic of the installed grommets. Touch of silicone grease to make the shafts non-sticky in the rubber.

If you've only stripped the threads of the screw just run a tap thru the screw holes to clean them of the stripped metal from the screws and put in new screws. Am sure they will be metric thread. If you've stripped the holes, then you will need to get the next largest size tap and run thru the hole and install the matching next size larger screws. Lots of work. I would contact Victor at VKMusic and see if he can sell you a new set of couplers.
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