How to find a blown cap?


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2009-09-28 4:55 am
What do you have for test equipment? A voltmeter and scope will get you to the problem pretty quickly. You might think about root causes- if there's a design flaw which causes this unreliability, it ought to be fixed.

I'll move this to the Tubes Forum if you don't attract attention here.

No, unfortunately I have none of those things above. Suppose it is time to get them.

I believe there is a design problem with the amp. They are known for having issues, but I was 'told' those had been fixed by the man I bought it from. It does appear there has been some extra work on the system but it obviously didn't solve all issues.

It would be interesting to try to fix, but I know nothing about electronics.

I suppose for the $300 I spent it isn't worth paying to have fixed. Guess I'll get another amp and start learning about electronics.