How to cut my sub out of my system with a switch?

I'm using a powered Acoustic Profiles sub which is hooked up in between my amp and speakers, it sounds a treat... But I'm moving into an apartment from a house and I'm worried about booming sub volume during movies disturbing my neighbours.

I'm looking for a way to cut the sub out of my system when I'm watching movies or at night. Anybody DIY'd some kind of switch box for this (or found a cheap off the shelf solution)


2005-08-21 10:46 pm
Just as KathieandDad said:

Usually, a powered sub just taps some of the speaker-level signal, processes it via a low-pass filter and then amplifies it for the sub.

What goes in speaker-level usually comes out speaker-level, with no filtering in between.

Concerning the switch: Use a switched extension cord or even a (wireless) switched receptacle for convenience. Usually available at any supermarket with an electronics department, or hardware store.


EDIT: Corner placement for a sub is far from optimal, unless it is designed for that or one likes over-present, wobbly bass.
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