How to connect a MIC with Arta software?

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You have to dig into the manual for exact details of calibration and how to perform specific measurements.

Set up the soundcard to drive your speakers using whatever amplifier you have, but turn the volume down.

Connect up the microphone to one of the soundcard inputs.

When you run ARTA the first time it will come up with a display window like an oscilloscope. First go to Setup\Audio Devices and select your soundcard as the input and output channels. Then select the SPA function next to the red triangle. Now click the red triangle. The spectrum analyser function should run. The trace will be very irregular and never the same twice. Verify that you can see some movement in the trace when you click your fingers or talk into the mic. You should be able to see this even given the irregularity of the trace. It's possible that you may have to swap the mic between channels.

The blue triangle will probably have greyed and the square beside it turned blue. If not click the blue triangle, this will turn on the tone generator. By default it should be set up to produce a 1kHz tone when the spectrum analyser is activated. Turn up the amplifier. You should hear a 1kHz tone and see it on the spectrum analyzer display if the volume is sufficient and the microphone suitably positioned. That should give you some confidence that the mic and speakers are connected correctly.

You can do a basic frequency response using RMAA, with the mic. connected to an input and the soundcard driving your speakers. This is probably simpler as you can just adjust the output volume in the setup phase until RMAA says it's OK, then just ask it to test the FR.

I can't get RMAA to come up on this computer ATM, or I could be more specific, but verifying that the system is operating correctly should be no more complicated than the procedure already described. I was able to get it going without reference to the manual IIRC.
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Yes, consider the soundcard output your source, like a CD player or radio. It has to be connected to the amp to drive the speakers.

Did you get the mic working? It's in "devices" setup in arta. You choice which soundcard, which audio drivers, which channels, etc.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.