How to charge Prius HV batteries

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Hello all. Non-audio topic, but I'd like to ask if anyone here has tried to recharge the HV battery in a 2005 Toyot prius. It's made up of 28 x 7.2 volt NiMH cells in series for nom. 208 volts. I'm getting pressured at work to try to fix this thing but frankly I'm just a mechanic and I want to survive to see my Son's next birthday. The local Toyot dealer doesn't have the charger and basically said they can't help. Any advice is appreciated and I'm sorry for the non audio question. I'm asking this question here because there's lots of intelligent people on the forum. The battery pack is at 165 volts, some cells are 7.2v others 5.6v. I'm telling them that it needs a new battery pack but that's ~$3000. Seeking opinions please.
Thankyou for the replies. I'll be leaving it for somebody else to fix. Main problem is, the car drove into our workshop running fine. Unfortunately it was left switched on "ready" mode for several hours, then won't restart. It was handballed to me, now I'm going to handball it back to the dealership. Not worth getting zapped. Thanks, cheers. Pete.
There is no dedicated, 12v "starter motor" in these cars. The petrol engine is started by one of the two electric motors between the engine and transmission. Both those run from the 208 volt HV battery pack.
Another difficulty was disposing of the old battery, recyclers don't want it due to risk of explosion/electrocution during handling.
Funnily enough the new battery cost more than I paid for my whole car. LOL
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A Ferrari bought new is probably greener overall. Looked after it might be around in 30+ years. OK so the MPG may be nearer 15 than 60 but in the scheme of things thats not as bad as it first appears. Six or seven or more Priuses (Prii :p) might be bought in that time. That can't be very green, all that material, battery chemicals, the recycling and energy and water used for this...

Makes ya think :D
Not familiar with the Prius so much,but I can tell you almost anything you want to know about the Honda hybrids though.

One way to recharge the pack,is to get some little LED CC supplies,and series them up for roughly the appropriate voltage.
Something like this:

Series up the output of 3 of them (they're isolated),and you've got yourself a 300ma 'dumb' trickle charger. It will probably take roughly a day to get the pack charged back up. (IIRC the Prius cells are 8AH?,not sure.) 8000/300=26hours or so,for a full charge.

Yea,I should mention:
If you don't know what you're doing with this HVDC stuff, _DO_NOT_ screw with it.
Be careful,use your wits,and observe all safety procedures.
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Volvo is known for its quality and safety, and now also extremely low consumtion...
Better than PRIUS! And without battery!
Even though Volvo has launched hybrids as well, that is even better, and also pure electric cars. It´s amazing how efficient engines and good aerodynamics can do!
Less than 3,5 litre/100km on the non hybrid models..! and 88g CO2/km!
My Prius was totalled by father in law, and I bought Honda Civic Hybrid instead.
On Prius I had 39 MPG ovarage, Civic consumes more.
I had 36 MPG on Honda Civic Hybrid average, now have 31 MPG average on Nissan Sentra, and it is much more powerful and requires less attention.

All that hybrids are snake oil products, like some speaker cables.
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