How to buy China speakers?

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Sparked by one of the replies to one of the threads somewhere, I went to look around for possible cheap and good speakers...

...and, honestly speaking, I can't find any I feel confident to throw my money at

First there is always that China stigma, that they may only look good on the advert, but horrible when you get it. Assuming the sellers even took the photo themselves.

Second, we all know speakers that look like they would perform good don't necessarily actually perform good.

Third, many of them don't even look like they would perform good. To SPL freaks maybe.

The only safe bets I found are brands like Edifier and HiVi Swans which have already made names outside China.

Examples of what I fail to summarize with words:

6.5" full-range woofer with whizzer cone, and a ribbon tweeter. Doesn't this kind of defeat the purpose of each other.!!0-item_pic.jpg_600x600.jpg

Double slot-type bass ports. And coaxial woofer, of course.!!368838525.jpg_430x430q90.jpg

4-inch coaxial woofer + 4-inch normal woofer... what?!!0-item_pic.jpg_430x430q90.jpg

Then there are many normal speakers whose parts don't look like they're worth more than what the speakers are priced at. Not worth less, but not worth more either. I fail to find the cheap and good deals people are talking about.

And even if the driver looks like they would sound good it's not a guarantee either; I used to own a (China-only model?) JBL that looked like it would sound good. Yellow (kevlar?) cones. Nice and classy wood finish. Sounds like turd.

The only one I found to have some potential is ProAC 1SC clone. But at 1200RMB, it is actually more expensive than Usher S-520 (which is kind of a clone) in Taiwan.

For a country containing the factories of most speaker brands (and owning many of them), you'd think there would be lots of good deals, or at least Wharfedale and Quad would be cheaper if bought from there. Not the case apparently. Gotta love the market segregation.
Ive heard it said that although china has the manufacturing for things like iphones etc, that same item is more expensive in china, than elsewhere.
So chinese residents have freinds buy them from overseas and bring them in as gifts in their luggage.

Its the same for other countries with their produce.
We in australia export our best food stuffs, then buy in overseas junk thats been at seas for months, and the consumers here then pay more than what we could for local produce.

standard government actions.

sell the counties best to raise money.
import cheap rubbish for domestic consumption.

all so the government can 'make' money to pay their stupidly high wages.
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