How should I set this up?


2001-01-02 6:56 am
I have 2 16 ohm speakers, and 2 8 Ohm speakers. I want to have one room w/ the two 8-Ohm speakers, and another room w/ the two 16 Ohm speakers. I have one amp rated 4-8 ohms, and one amp which I'm not sure of its rating, but we have it running 8 ohm speakers. How can I set this up?

Thanks for your help

there is no problem for an 4-8 ohms amplifier to drive a 16 ohms load since the load (spearker) drains less current from the amplifier.

The output power (for 16 ohms speakers) should be around the half of the rated power under 8 ohms.

1 amp for your 8 ohms speakers
1 amp for your 16 ohms speakers