How many people with asymmetric rooms use balance control to fix room?

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In my room I have concluded that I've either got uneven tinnitus at 30, or I have some issues in my room. It's always biased to the left no matter what I use. I thought it was my amp but believe its just the room. No matter how I rotate the layout though, it's always at the left channel that's loudest. I just attenuate my inputs to gain an optimal balanced image left to right.

How many of you use this to attenuate imbalances in the room? If so, do you rotate drivers like tires (because one is technically being driven harder)?

I am beginning to be thankful for the input attenuation on power amps, and previously I'd prefer they were stepped. Maybe in this case, the infinite adjustments of no stepping are a benefit though?
Long ago I had a desktop set-up in which one speaker had to be further away. I used a delay to correct it, which worked far better than balance. However, if your side walls are at different distances to the left and right speaker, the best bet is probably a more directional speaker so it will 'illuminate' the wall to a lesser degree. But if you like your sound stage wide and spacious, a symmetrical geometry is a must.


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Could you guys explain how you determine the delay?

I have an asymmetrical room as well. I notice the lopsidedness if I sit close to the rear wall. Also, after some time, my brain probably acclimatizes to the sound, and then it is properly centered.
My system has the speakers in the left half of the room. Since the left speaker is close to the left wall I have hung an orriental rug on that wall. Because of this (I think) the balance seems to favor the right and I use about 30 degrees of balance knob shift to get an acceptable balance. I have done measurements of the speakers at that location and can't detect an electrical or speaker imbalance, so I have to assume it is the room imbalance that I am hearing.

Don't be afraid to use your balance knob.

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That my friend is why balance controls are put on amps. Use it.

Just do it by ear. If a center stage image comes from center stage, you have it.
Yes, I have an L shaped room and sure enough, I have to raise one side just a tad. Amps have tone controls too. Quite handy. I wish they still had loudness controls. They were so handy when turning it down for background music. Alas, the "purist" clut seems to have killed them.
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I adjust balance when I need to to compensate for assymetrical furnishings or whatever, but unless this is satisfactory I think you should try treating your walls first. When the imbalance is caused by reflections I find the result isn't quite right.

Even then the imbalance can colour the sound, for example by causing a specific cancellation or resonance.
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