How Low Does Dolby TrueHD/DTS Master Audio Go?

Is it brick walled at 20 Hz like CDs ? snip

CDs are not brickwalled to 20Hz. They can go from 2Hz to 22KHz (Nyquist frequency based on 44.1KHz sampling). Mastering studios often do/suggest the brickwalling of lower frequencies. The recording of large pipe organs to 8Hz is just one example of a CD going lower than 20Hz.

The ability of a system to recreate these frequencies is a good point


2010-12-24 4:40 pm
I've Googled (and Binged) this question but can't find an answer. Is it brick walled at 20 Hz like CDs or does it go into the subsonic range" Is the really low stuff only available in the LFE channel or is it in the front mains if the subwoofer option is selected?

That is up to whoever is mixing the audio track.

LFE effects are not also on the main audio tracks. Every decoder/receiver I have seen only plays LFE through the subwoofer channel when the subwoofer is made available.

All channels can have single-digit lows (ex. 5hz).. just like CDs. I know of know modern audio system which is "brick-walled", although compressed formats such as MP3 often have poorly reproduced high and low frequencies.

As an aside, those ultra-low frequencies are truly awesome when reproduced well. They add a lot to the subharmonics.


2008-02-21 12:30 pm
AFAIK, any digital audio format can go as "low" as DC, or 0 Hz. Not very desirable, but anyway.....

As mentioned, movie soundtracks can contain very low frequencies, and it's worth the effort having an LFE channel capable of reproducing down into the 15 Hz range. A lower cutoff at 25 or 15 Hz makes a whole lot of difference.