How hot, WBT silver solder

Hi, what temperature do you use when solder parts in PCB? I use 350 C / 662 F.

WBT say 250 C / 482 F.

In my experience it depends on just about everything involved. Like you, I usually go hot at 650F. Get in get out. In this case, if this a product that you have not used before, go ahead and do a practice run at 250C. If like me, you will want the temp higher. Less time on joint, solder gets the message fast and gets to where it should be going. With heavier applications, I will use a larger solder iron, maybe flux and a longer time on the wire. Bigger mass, different timing.
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When things are set up right, I like to get out quicker. But you know, lately, I have noticed that it is taking longer and that tells to start checking things out. My Hakko 888 has done this before, and it seems that it was the wand that was giving me trouble. I keep the tip very clean but am thinking of going to a smaller tip. Many of the circuit boards that I have been working on lately have these tiny holes for leads and for some reason I have to watch them closer than a larger lead hole.
I use 400deg and don't hang around. If I can't get the joint to take in about 2 seconds, I take the heat off.

I also use the 888 and found that the original tip stopped taking solder on one side after a while. Got a new genuine tip from Farnell and all good again.

Possibly could be the flux in your solder that has aged and giving you the different results. I use 'Kester' brand solder with flux core, but the flux went bad very quickly and requires the addition of flux for it to wet. Won't be using them again.
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