How does one cut ribbon foil to precise dimensions like the manufacturers do it?

How does one cut aluminum ribbon foil to dimensions with milimeter accuracy without going through a complex, delicate procedure? Is there some kind of equipment that can do this sort of thing? I have a lot of ribbon experiments I want to do and I require a method of making a sizable quantity of ribbon.

Damn. there goes my hopes :p
To be clear, I don't want to cut traces, I just want to cut single ribbon strips. Like capacitor foil.

I put the foil on a glas plate with water and soap and use a special ruler (don't know the name in English)to measure from the side of the glas plate.
And I use a normal ruler to put on the aluminium and cut it with a roler blade.



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Test piece

Left original and my copy

Standard xacto blades work well also. I used WD-40 as a hold down agent because on the sizes used the water/soap combo discolored or corroded the aluminum.
Maybe the length of time I needed to cut all the traces was the factor.

To avoid buying a ton of blades, I just sharpened them with a ceramic stone

Glass is flat and hard enough to resist cuts and easily available everywhere. I cant see a reason for a substitute
You also get good feedback from the blade as you cut the foil.

For a decent hydraulic interface , you would need a well sealed surface with no porosity in whatever you use
On glass you still need to be careful , and a template or firm pressure of a straight edge gives you some insurance against lifting

I dunno guys, I need god-like precision for my intended experiments. I question whether it can be done properly by hand. I want to put no more than .5mm distance between the ribbon and the magnets.
Maybe I should start looking for sources to purchase custom ribbon from that don't require you to buy a literal ton of foil.
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Um, I just use my wife's manual spaghetti machine. Cuts perfect 1/4" wide strips, and LOTS of them.

Laugh all you want, but works for me!!


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