how do you guys finish and wire your cabinets?


2005-03-22 5:12 pm
hey yall, i'm thinking of new ways to finish my new speakers. they use dual hivi d6gs per side with the vifa d27tg05 tweeter. what would look decent with these? should i try to enamel them, or should i just veneer 'em? also, what is your preferred way to wire your stuff up internally? do you like simple 16 awg hook up, or do you just use speaker wire? thanks for any replies!
Finishing Cabinets

Hi: You have quite a few choices in finishing,I prefer a veneered finish over a painted one.The veneer is much more interesting to look at,but again it depends on your style.

Textured finishes are also popular,you can texture the front baffle and use veneer on the sides for some contrast.

I have some photos of my DIY speakers if you want to see some of the various textures that can be achieved.Click on the www button. Regards Bob C.