How do you get the covers off Acoustat


2006-02-16 10:49 am
I've never owned Acoustats, but I found this old post while googling:

..Should be the first post shown by the name of Simply_music on 08-05-00.. a sentence or two down.

Seems as though you're probably correct in regards to the required prying.

By the way, your link didn't work when I clicked it.. "Sorry, We Can't Find That Page", etc.
It was a long time ago i disassembled my Acoustats. The top plate comes off and the cloth can be rolled down, the transformer/PS assembly comes off the back and then the rest is obvious IIRC. I'd make sure thay have had a chance to discharge for at least a couple days before even taking the top off the PS bits. 4-5000 V can mess you up.