How do Solid State (eg, Polymer) capacitors sound?


2006-04-10 1:20 am
Sorry i cannot offer any advice, but I am curious as well. It would be nice to have a higher quality large value capacitor choice. If I can salvage a solid electrolytic from a computer with high enough voltage tolerance I will give it a shot in my audiosector kit lm4780.


2003-02-17 7:38 pm
Bateman's "Capacitor Sound" series suggested that polar electrolytic cap nonlinear distortion is dominated by the nolinearity of the thin sponaneous film on the unformed electrode in a ploar electrolytic, he measured much lower distortion in bipolar Al electrolytics which have fully formed oxide layers on both electrodes

since I don't know of any bipolar polymer electrolytics I would venture to say that they are expected to have more distortion than bipolar electros with low impedance coventional electrolytes

Ta electrolytics are much more nonlinear than Al of comparable V rating