How do I wire my component crossovers to amp?


2016-06-14 9:40 am
Hi. So I'm trying to wire my Alpine dddrive ddc-f17A crossovers to my (2) Phoenix gold sapphire Sa1.4x amplifiers. The crossovers have tweeter in and tweeter out terminals as well as woofer in and woofer out terminals. I want to run bridged to get closer to proper handling power for the speakers. Bridging requires running the positive to the far outside terminal of the amp and same with the negative, skipping the two inside terminals of the section. Do I couple the tweeter and woofer wires together when connecting in bridged mode to the amp? How is this done? Thanks for any help.
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Hi, keep in mind that there's no negative and positive in speakers ( AC current flowing there ), the red (+) and the black (-) or any other colours are for detecting the right phase.
When using BTL ( bridge tied load ) amplifiers, the (-) negative isn't put to ground ( the chassis of the vehicle, or at home, the safety earth ) because one amp runs in anti-phase ( - 180 ° ) respect to the other, and each amplifies the positive or negative half-wave.

So, just respect the polarities ( phase ) and run the two wires at the input of your crossover. The 4 wires, 2 for the wf and 2 for the tw, that are the "outputs" of the crossover unit, should respect the polarity either and should NOT be mixed
cfowler writes:"...I'm trying to wire my Alpine dddrive ddc-f17A crossovers to my (2) Phoenix gold sapphire Sa1.4x amplifiers." and so on,

Let me point out the above mentioned amp is a 4Channel and you want to use both for the DDrive kit which is for sure 2 midwoofers and 2 tweeters!
Of course you want to get the full 120watts x2ch bridged at 4ohm stereo these amps are rated.
So, only way you may have a real bridged signal on speaker outputs is to feed the 4Rca input of each amp with an RCA signal cable (Right & Left) conveniently split with a pair Y adapter (one each channel).
You have not mentioned of your SOURCE of signal (Radio-CD player etc..), which at this point is quite crucial: it MUST have a FRONT & REAR RCA signal output, if not it is quite unsuitable for you to use both those amps...
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