How do I repair a crack between driver holes in a baffle?

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I'm almost done with the baffles on my line arrays. However since I'm using soft wood, and trying to get very close spacing, so I have a crack between two of the holes. One on each baffle. I would just fill it with polyurethane glue, or wood glue and sand it flush, but I'm going to stain the baffle. Would filling it with stainable wood filler do the trick? And will it last? I know i'm not going to get perfection, i'll be happy if it is just not terribly noticable.
I don't think woodfiller is going to offer you any adhesion inside the crack. If possible I would try to use some sort of expanding glue (Gorilla Glue or some other such glue) to fill the crack and provide some stability. Then once the glue has expanded you can sand it down flat. I'm not sure how well that glue will take stain (if at all) but I do know that it dries an amber color.
Yeah, that's polyurethane glue. It's waterproof so i'm sure it's not stainable. Although it may not be that noticable. Here's a pic of the baffle. This pic doesn't have the crack in it though.


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I would try taking some sanding dust from the wood you are using and make a thick paste by mixing it with epoxy. pack it in tightly and let it cure. Use as course of snadpaper as you can to create large particle size dust.

After it cures sand it smooth and hopefully the epoxy didn't penetrait all the wood fibers and you will have some fresh wood to take the stain.

I would try a sample first to see if it takes stain.


I had another thought last night. Epoxy is capible of being colored. stain a sample of the wood the color you want it then try some of the stain in some epoxy to get the right color. fill sand and finish. if the stain causes the epoxy to not set up then you would need to get the proper pigmentation for the epoxy. try places that deal with marine epoxy finishes.

Marine stufff...

West epoxy system. They have a filleting additive that is basically sawdust ~ comes out brownish. You could add your own sawdust to any two part epoxy. The only suggestion I would make is to syringe in some "un-thickened" epoxy before squeegee-ing the sawdust stuff.

west system

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