How do i record 3 seperate waves?

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Hi there

I have 2 mic i/p's & 2 phono i/p's into my mixer (Allen&Heath XONE:92). The mic i/p's on the mixer are routed through to the main o/p's and the main o/p's go to the i/p of my soundcard (M-audio Delta Audiophile 24/96). What I am aiming to do is record a mix session into my computer where i end up with 3 seperate waves, one for music, and two seperate ones for each microphone. Problem is, I dont have any dedicated mic i/p's on my soundcard, the main o/p on the mixer is a mixed signal of microphone and music, and the record o/p of the mixer is a music only o/p. Can anyone advise me on how to do this with my current hardware? If its not possible, what is the best hardware to do this task and how would i set it up?

Thanks in advance for any help

Do you have three separate inputs available on your sound card?

You have three signal sources, put one in a separate input channel of the mixer. Pan mic 1 hard left and mic 2 pan hard right. Now master outs left and right will send the two mics to two input channels on the sound card.

Now that leaves the music signal. I am not familiar with that particulat A&H model, so I speak here just looking at its picture. On the input channel for the music, leave the main fader down. Now use one of the aux sends. Bring the music up in an aux send and then connect that aux out from the mixer to a third input of the sound card. Set the aux send for that channel to PRE.

All that allows you to control what goes to the sound card from the mixer. Otherwise, just using the mixer as a mic preamp and running the music signal directly to the sound card sounds like a good idea to me too.
You need two same model sound cards, one's left channel is Mic 1, right is Mic 2, music is from the other sound card. This is the only way to separate all the tracks apart from recording in music and microphones separately and syncing them together.

If we take by example Cakewalk, you would put a track as Sound Card 1 In Left, an other track as Sound Card 1 Right, and the other track as Sound Card 2 stereo.

The problem is that about 100% of the sound cards only have one stereo recording device.

You should preferably use one clock for both cards for perfect sync also.
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