how different will the Aerial sound compared

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with my ME2's??

i have the opportunity to by MK6 cabinets, the seller has paid a cabinet maker to construct them for him ( and seems to have paid him an extraordinary amount!) but is now selling them. he has sold the drivers seperately which is not a problem as the guts of the ME2's should slot in with out any issues??

the change will probably cost me in the region of £200 plus finishing the cabinets/spikes etc/ as they are in the raw MDF state at the mo. is this a good value upgrade?


Hi Steve,

When I built my Ariels I lashed the drivers up in some ME2 cabinets to see if I liked their style before comitting to the awsome challenge of building the Ariels proper. From memory this is what I remember.

As you would expect the bass will become more extended and for me the sound freed up, sounding less squashed at higher levels. Imaging remains great, but the soundstage opened up a little, this is probably more to do with more bass extension.

I'm lucky and have a large listening room. I feel the Ariels do need some space to give of their best. I once moved them to my study and they really closed in. If your room is small, the smaller physical presence of the ME2 with a sub may serve you better. In my experience small speakers in small rooms work better than big ones, all things being equal.

If you are still unsure go for it. If it doesn't work for you sell them on.

Good Luck

Hi simon,

this is my first foray into this type of things hence the anxiety and cost against performance issue with DIY seakers, especially if i dont like them i will be stuck with cabinets that will be difficult to move on..hence why the current seller is struggling! :D i am just waiting for some photos back from him.

i wouldnt mind picking your brains once i commit tho. the new room they will go in is quite large(30ft) but not that wide and they will be firing across the width (14ft).

also have you got some nice pics of your finished ariels i could ...borrow for wife convincing purposes :D

Hi Steve,

Sounds like your room will be OK. Heres a pic of one of mine. There are more on Lynn's site. I dread to think how much time these consumed!

The good thing about DIY is you can make them look how you want. They are not small, but they are an amazingly musical speaker that can hold its own against the very best. Just remember everything Lynn says on his site about them is true. Dont skimp on the crossovers.



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I'd buy them. Whilst not extraordinarily difficult to build, they are a bit complicated and time consuming, so the price seems OK to me. Slot in the drivers and excellent xover and you'll have to do a lot better to beat them. However, they really need some good subs.
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