how about this output stage ?


i dont want to design ops driven from the one side (up or down)
i want audio injection like here.

i am not using double (symetric) bootstrap because i think its possible to make amplifier more prone to oscillation ?

Or it makes oscillation but these capacitors shorten out it ? C1,C2,C3,C4


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Ahh it was a mistake, i was reversed transistor pins.
it was BCE now is ECB for those packages :D

It sounds veery goood :p :drink: :Popworm: :darkside: :Piano: :scratch1: :emoticon: :wiz: :wiz: :masked:

losing my time :rofl::wchair::irked:

No heat at all with big speaker but i cant get high volume, i dont know why.

P.S. Transistor failed when i pushed the low freq eq high and the bass kicked in :(
Heatsink cold but maybe these transisors are small and there are peak currents
Maybe they are useful for bi-amping for mid and high frequency
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2007-09-15 8:14 am

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