how about "Job" amplifiers

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Stefano said:
Hi, does anyone know something about the "Job" circuit of the Goldmund amplifiers. It seems to be very simple and they claim to be very speedy. I'm searching for more information, but i think it may be a kind of long tailed pair like lamm or ayre.
I once came into Goldmund Amp Pages.
I was searching for something about Adaptor technique
with Google. They seemed to be VERY classy construction.

But this could have been an outter cosmetic thing.
My adaptors looks for nothing
but do their job with accuratess!

hey guys I'm not kidding, i'm really intrested to the how and why of such amp, in my opinion it would be probably simple to reproduce this circuit for to know if it is really so good as they claims.
If anyone of you finds something abuot please let me know.

The JOB amplifer is probably some variation of a current feedback amplifier. For more on this topology check

An example of a current feedback amplifier



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Never really heard of "job" (audio), I probably stumbled upon their website in the past but I never really seen any of their products in action.

It remainds me a lot of some dot com startup, in short, lots of stinky hot air. "We are the best in everything we do", we are a "legend", we are so good everyone wants a slice of our ***.
Uh? Say what? What is it exactly that you do? Do you really make something that can put out high power RF in your living room?

I guess in the end they got their wish, getting bought out by a bigger fish and cashing in the stock options. They are probably driving around the alps in their new Porsche Carrera not needing a "job" anymore.
Have seen and heard Goldmund amp

Using the Job circuit in question - it's a really simple, small design with excellent sound - I have asked here before & haven't got a schematic yet. The only tricky bit is there are 6 (transistors I guess) potted in resin if I could only find out what they are I could figure out the rest.
There are so many huge 200w mosfet whatever behemoths out there, this really impressed me with it's simplicity & size, well done Goldmund.
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