How? 2 stereo tweeters but only one woofer

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Use 4 ohm stable amps and wire the woofer bridged. This requires inverting the phase of one channel, and reversing the polarity of one mid/tweeter. Also, that the amps are not already bridged (as most digital amps and "high power" linear amps that run from 12V are).
There is a very easy and satisfactory way to do this. Buy a Monacor sph 135 tc. The tc stands for "twin coil". It has 2 coils driving the same cone. They are electrically separate. So you just connect one channel to one coil and one channel to the other.

It is very similar to the 135 ad, with a higher Q and a lower Vas, with a very slightly flatter frequency response. If you only want it for mono, the 2 coils can be joined in series for 16 ohm or parallel for 4 ohm.
There are also transformers, typically found in IN-Ceiling speakers that take Stereo inputs and blend them down to a single mono output. Find a place that specializes in In-Ceiling and In-Wall speakers and they should have these stand alone transformers.

Typically this would be used in a in-ceiling in a bathroom where there is limited room available. One speaker carries both channels. In some case I have seen In-Ceiling with two stereo tweeters but a single mono woofer. This increases the sense of stereo imaging.

Just to illustrate the point -

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In reasonably affordable Dual Voice Coil woofer, consider Dayton Audio -

Dayton Audio SD215A-88 8" DVC Subwoofer 295-484

Dayton Audio SD270A-88 10" DVC Subwoofer 295-486

Keep in mind, each voice coll is 4 ohms.

Thanks for the replies!
The "72 Watt Stereo-to-Mono Isolator Transformer Mixer Panel" might work but i still need a crossover to keep the high frequencies in stereo for the tweeters i guess.

I didn't know about Dual Voice Coilwoofers until now. Seems like the cheapest solution.
But they seems rare. I am looking for a light weight (Neodymium) high efficiency duel/twin voice coil woofer in 6-8" for my project.

Any ideas if such a woofer exists?
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