House-integrated active speaker system

just dreaming away but I wanted to check with you guys if I'm way off here or if I might be on to something

I have been curious about the BG Neo8 or Neo8 PDR for a while. Right now I'm planning to build a new house and of course I intend to build some nice speakers into the wall. I have a tube amp (guess which one) that hasn't been used much ever actually. Since it's quite low power I figured I could use it with 8 pcs Neo8 in an active 2-way system together with 10 pcs TB W5-1685.

Here is my suggested setup:

8 pcs GB Neo8 PDR (each side)
10 pcs TB W5-1685 (each side)
tube amp to drive the Neo8's (roughly 6-7W RMS)
5pcs 4x100W class D amp for the woofers (20 channels in total)
Behringer DCX 2496 as crossover
2 pcs Behringer DEQ 2496 (one for the woofers and one for the Neo8's)

I figured it would be best to use the RTA on the DEQ to flatten the response of the arrays before any crossover has been applied to them and I also planned to use some sort of shelving low pass in the DCX to force the TB's down to at least 40Hz

What do you think? Haven't looked at what kind of box I want for the TB's (sealed, vented or something more exotic). Just a few minutes ago I was playing with the idea to use passive radiators. Don't know if its a good idea with this system.
Just a thought.

If you could put the speakers in an internal wall (i.e., with other rooms at the back -- avoid the bathroom, too many reflections), you could put in a true dipole speaker and (almost) completely get rid of the box sound.

Since the baffle width would then essentially equal the room width, you'd have all the advantages of an open baffle system with none of its shortcomings (just a little lower efficiency than reflex boxes).


2008-02-21 12:30 pm
6-7W is not enough the the low-efficiency RD-75...

If you look at B&G's own Radia series, you see that they use several Neo3's as well, because the Neo8 (or Neo10) dont have enough HF extension. It should be possible to make a passive XO between the Neo8 and Neo3 somewhere around 4 kHz perhaps.