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Hot Air Station

I have a hot air station for sale.
Model BK 4050.
Included are a number of nozzles and replacement parts.
$100 includes shipping.
PayPal (gift) and US shipping only.


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Woah, it's been a long time since I checked Circuit Specialists web site. They have reduced the price quiet a bit from what I had paid!
To answer your questions, yes the the pen is included. You can see the tube in one picture and the pen is in another.
I only used it once to remove a chip from a Y3 build. At 70 years old, my hands, eyes, and ears are forcing me to leave the hobby. I no longer need this.
I do not have the manual, but it is available on Circuit Specialists web site.
Also included is a new heating element.
And finally, it works just fine.
As they have reduced the price, I will reduce mine to $100.00. Includes shipping. Friends and family.
Thanks for your interest,