Hornsrep help..

Hi everyone, is there any chance someone could help me sim this copy of a D&B C4 sub... I want the sim Info as a reference Point for subs I want to build.. I know the sound of the original D&Bs pretty well, so just want to be able to compare with something fairly similar as reference...

If someone could screen shot the hornsrep Input screen with the info for this sub on it, I’d be extremely grateful.

I have tried to work out how to use hornsrep myself but to be honest it fry’s my mind trying to work things out from plans.. I’m pretty badly dyslexic so working things out like that is hard... I’m fine with the input data screen, but only when I know what numbers are meant to be in the boxes if that makes sense.

Thanks for any help. Here’s the plans and info below...



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It's just a ported box with a little horn on the front. Don't have hornresp in front of me but figure out volume of rear chamber...that's vrc. Figure out vent cross section that's apt...length will be box under that.
To simulate the horn, s1 is start of horn
S2 is halfway of the cone
S3 will be before final expansion
S4 will be the end of the horn section
Calculate the volumes and distances involved.

Soho54 did some great tutorials called hornresp for dummies