Horn Imaging

I have no real listening experience when it comes to horns. I love the way diaphragm type speaker’s image. I have never heard a cone speaker that could come close until I started playing around with the FE166. I must confess that I like my music load and clean at times. I have built folded pipe (TQWP) enclosures, and the bass reflex example from the Fostex site. They both have their benefits. But, they don’t play real loud before various forms of distortion become evident …… mostly Doppler I suspect. So here is the big question ….. Do horns image like the TQWP and BR boxes? Thanks in advance for your comments. I don’t want to spend time building a horn if it’s not going to be musical.
Properly done and placed :) horns image V well indeed.. makes the other designs seem like errrr.. boxes.
Problem is it's gotta be well designed and /or a Proven design.
Lots easier said than done.. DIY horm builders never seem to stop experimenting.. again, the 'proven' is the sane route.