Hoping you both will forgive each other and be friends......

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I share your hopes and think that Bernard has much too big a task in trying to moderate the forum single handed. Several recent outbust indicate a man with much too little sleep. I would like to volunteer to assist in moderating the solid state, digital, and pass forums. Bernhard? Jason?


I thought that I smelled a rat in amongst the tone of the posts by "artnyos, GGrand, guygrand, theodorecleaver and Ren" - on just now searching back through these posts there are inconsistencies along the lines of posing as newbies and then inserting clear and very pertinent information and lists of links in the H.H. manner and style - I think it is all pretty funny.
A bit of collusion from Jocko too - "Without being interupted by troublemakers like Ren, Arty, Harry.....and of course............"

It seems that Harry was just a little bored, or/and wanted to try to continue giving of his generous knowlege without being viewed by eyes coloured by the bitching that has gone on regarding some of his (misinterpreted) posts in the past.

Bernard, Mr Harry has truckloads of good information - I say GET OFF HIS CASE and let him be - despite using additional aliases he has not been rude - cutting maybe, but entirely witty, and always clear in his facts.
This was just Harry's way of having a little joke - a joke on you perhaps but a sincere joke nonetheless.
I too notice an overly reactionary mode coming from you Bernard, and this has been for a while now and including long rants.
I believe Oktoberfest is near - perhaps you ought to don your Lederhosen, drink the Bier and Snapps, and find a willing Soul Madchen ?.
I say restore Harry to his previous position immediately.



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Although I’m not in total agreement with Eric, I do agree that HH has been a major contributor to the (relative) success of the forum this year. I feel that banning him completely is a bit over the top.

He has broken the rules, this is understood, but he deserves consideration for his contributions. He has rarely been disruptive beyond posting a timely pic or two (usually quite funny), and I believe his input will be missed (although he had seem to be a bit bored lately). Possibly a SinBin sentence for his transgressions as RenHoak and for breaking the forum rules, but that should be sufficient.

For what it’s worth.
Rodd Yamas***a
So he could be terse. Quite easy to ignore, surely.

He also obviously knows his stuff, and gave it away fairly freely (albeit not while suffering fools gladly).

I just think that there's a whole bunch of people who need to stop taking themselves or anyone quite so seriously. Y'now, irony and stuff. And I never thought that it would be, erm, Americans, who were dishing out the irony... You live and learn (I'm still laughing from Ggrand's post about language)

This place is getting very uptight, which is a shame. It always used to much freer, which was part of the joy. So why just because a few less than pious people join in, does it have to turn into a third rich with thought police, censorship, etc.

By all means chuck people for posting porn or spam, but for having a truculent nature? What next?

Mustn't forget the group hug icon

Oh dear I did
Good riddance to all trolls

and spammers.

I don't give a rip how smart anybody is or what they have to offer.

Trolls and spammers are the scourge of the internet.

How anybody can defend someone that is a troll is beyond my comprehension.

Read the posts- there was plenty of trolling. He was a lying, backstabbing, sneaky, dishonest, trouble making troll and there is no denying it. There is no honor for a troll only shame and banishment. The internet and the world would be a better place if trolls were wiped off the face of the Earth and permanently removed from the gene pool.

Trolls are absolutely despicable - Whether an EE or god's greatest gift to the audio industry - in the final analysis -


Ken L
Banning HH will not solve anything, because if he wants to joke around, he still can (like today).

He is one of a few Enlightened and as such should stay with the forum.

I am sure that removing him from this place is not appreciated by the majority of the active members of this forum.

I, for one, will say: bring Harry back.;)

P. S.
By now most of you should be able to recognise his undercover appearances and treat them accordingly. So far I liked GGrant the most (especially his confusion about aligator clips;) ). A character like this could make a really good moderator indeed.;)
So, Paul was actually the walrus, eh?

Harry = the Art of Noise guy.......well maybe. Makes sense.

Ren? Cripe! I've been blaming someone else all along. No wonder some days he laughs at me, others he is mad. No......they have to be in collusion. I'll still kill that other guy, he had to be feeding Harry stuff to annoy me if he wasn't.

And that explains why Harry told me one day, not to long ago:

"I don't tell you everything, you know........."

So Harry is out there right now, reading everything that we say.....all the while singing to himself:

"I am the Egg Man......

They are the Egg Men.......

I am the Walrus..........."

I too vote to bring HH (or is it H.H.?) back. He clearly knew what he was talking about and didn't hesitate when it came to pointing out nonsense.

People here need to lighten up a little bit and stop taking everything so seriously. I also think that people need to understand how much effort it takes to become really proficient and knowledgeable and that having people like H.H. around can really shorten your learning curve.

I guess if you are too insecure to handle some sarcasm or a challenge then you probably have problems on the job and at home too so this may be too much for you to handle.

Personally, I am used to being around people like H.H. and all his humerous incarnations and I find it a lot more fun and stimulating than being around a bunch of people that spend more time coming up with excuses than producing results.

Yes...I've only been around since March...and I have mainly listened and asked a few questions (which have always been answered with courtesy) so my sample of this culture is short but I still believe that banning H.H is an error and ultimately the entire community loses.

klatoo, verada niktoo
I undoubtedly played some small minor role in HH's ejection. I made the mistake of sending artnyos a private email gently suggesting that he was damaging his credibility here by his attacks on others. This was posted the next morning in reply to one of my posts.

"Man I know I shouldn't ask....... but..... Where do you think babies come from and did you get your info on PCBs from the same place?"


I had not said anything negative about artnyos (nor HH for that matter). His response was a childish attack on me that didn't even have the merit of being accurate. The link he posted supported what I stated in my previous post.

HH may some personal problems, I don't really care. I have always felt that he much preferred being smug and superior to actually helping someone, but I individually I was willing to overlook that. Direct personal attacks with no provocation are a different matter and I for one am glad he has been banned. This site has become much less hospitable and HH was a large part of the reason why.

Unlike HH, I am not afraid to stand behind what I have to say.

Phil Ouellette
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Banning Harry was a mistake.

At most his sockpuppets should have been banned and him sinbinned for a while. This is just silly.

Harry could be a little too blunt, and certainly didn't suffer fools gladly, but he wasn't one himself and brought a ton of knowledge to the site. Most of the sockpuppets were a funny as hell too.

Some people here are taking themselves waaaaaay too seriously.
originally posted by HDTVman ( Bruce):
Just a question? How many other contributers has HH driven off with those acid remarks under other names?
Just another question: how many members might be here partially because of his valuable inputs and maybe even because of his jokes?
I dropped into this board completly accidentially a couple of month ago while searching google.
I can`t remember exactly the thread where I landed but H.H. made some of his usual picture jokes there and I almost laughed my a** off. I read more and more because it was so amusing until I used to come back here more periodically and now I´m a member too.
Not that I want to say I´m here only because of Mr. Haller (of course not) but some of his posts were the first things I saw from this board and those made me want to come back.
Maybe some of his jokes are not everybodies taste and maybe he is not always one of the politest (surely, in compare to others I`m still relatively new here and haven`t seen everything what he posted and therefore other´s may know better) but of what I have seen so far (and I read a lot meanwhile) by no means judges to ban him from this board permanently, IMHO .
Although I have to say I found quite some posts from his multiple identities very funny (and other´s aggressive to some extend even for my taste) this was not a good idea anyway.
But overall , not only regarding knowledge but also what belongs humor in particular, banning Mr. Haller from this site would be a loss for many, including me.

Please don`t make this place too uniform, even if then everything appears to be so nice and right and clean and happy!
People like Mr. Haller are the hot spices in a soup and some of us like it hot once in a while, don`t we!?;)
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