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Hooking up a oscope and a RF generator to a SPP?


2010-11-01 3:24 am
I've finished my SPP with Sansui 1000 outputs, Antek IT 200 and 6CW5 output tubes. To say the sound is outstanding is an understatement. I have An Accuphase P-300,C-200 that I've recapped all electrolytics and replaced some transistors including the outputs and drivers. It sounds very nice but the SPP and a CJ PV-8 modded to PV-11 sounds every bit as good. In some ways better at modest volume.
I've tried different values of feedback caps. It osscilates at or above 330 PF. I ran it with 100PF, 47PF, 20PF, 10PF and nothing at all. It sounds good with all, but with nothing and 10 PF, it's like the sound is less focused, moves...sort of. Maybe I'm hearing things that aren't there. Would this be phase shifting. I think I hear a little better bass with the lower PF value, though/ At any rate, I've never used an oscilloscope and an RF generator to check the cap value. How would I hook these up to the SPP?