hooking op DAC to CDROM question


2005-08-24 10:37 am
Hi there,

I've read al those interesting posts on hooking up an external DAC to a computer CD-ROM player. The interesting part is that mine has no S/PDIF out. But then, it might be possible to find some pin on some chip with a s/pdif signal on it.

So I've done the basic steps. Opened up the thing, noted down the chips-numbers, looked up the datasheets.

I figured out that the sony CXD1818R is the interesting thing. It also has an interesting pin (number 107). The description says:
pin nummber "107", symbol "DACD", classification "CD DSP I/F", description "audio data output to DAC; Connected to the PCMDI pin (pin 28) of the CXD3000".

My question is: Is this the pin I'm looking for? Can I just solder a 75 Ohm cable on it and feed that in my DAC which has an s/pdif input?

Any help very much appreciated,