Hook up my portable mp3 player

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Hello guys, I need some help with hooking up my Sandisk 1gb portable mp3 player up to my Panasonic CQ-C3300U. I have went to circuitcity and bought an FM Transmitter but the quality really isnt that great. Im looking for something to give me real good sound quality. All help is appriciated. Thanks for your help.:bigeyes:
There may be an adapter, you'd have to google around or talk to Panasonic's people. You can check few car audio stores too. I know Pioneer has such adapters for their decks, so Panasonic may have them as well.

i just want something to be able to hook up my mp3 player to my cd player and not hear the radio background noise
Have you tried selecting a different FM frequency on the transmitter to broadcast on? If you have no option to choose broadcast frequency, try a model that can do that.
Staticjeep said:
yeah, ive tryed almost all the frequencies of it. I bought the Belkin Tunecast II. Anyways i think ill call panasonic or something. thanks for the input.

Ive called panasonic and they dont have anything which really sucks. it kind makes me mad because i was gonna go with Pioneer at first but the cd player was out of stock when i wanted to buy it so i went with Panasonic becuase it was the same price. I should of waited 2 weeks for them to come in. ohh well i guess everyone makes mistakes. Ill probably just buy a new DVD player from pioneer that ive been looking at. Ill still have to wait tho. Gotta get a new job. so probably around july 2006 ill get it. It is $1999 aswell. lol Ill stick to the FM Transmitter for now. Thanks for the input to all you who have inputed.
Perhaps you could decrease the sensitivity of your radio reciever to reduce the background noise? If you have a local/distance (DX/LO sometimes) selector on the radio, set it to local; as this will reduce the sensitivity of the reciever. You can also try to position the transmitter very close to the car's antenna, or perhaps put it extremely close to the actual head unit. IF you do not regularly use the radio, you might consider disconnecting the antenna.

BTW, does anyone know of any headunits that have a real AUX in (that doesn't need an expensive adapter or other circuitry to trick it into working). To me, that would be the best feature ever (and a 1/8" line on on the front would be even bettter).
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