Homemade soundbar/ Stand (zvox beater)

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Ok, so I don't like clutter in my house... and I got this Best buy gift card for christmas........what to do with it. I went to best buy to hear all the sound stands (zvox, Speakercraft, Bose) and thought.... " I can do better then that." So here is what I did.
It consists of 12 Hivi B3n's, 4 per channel (left/center/right) wired for 8 ohms. There are three chambers of .57cu/ft each with 4 speakers per chamber. Using Winisd I chose a ported design tuned to 60.5 hertz.
The box is 1/2 mdf. I used a 2 7/8 inch hole bit for the cutout then used a 3/8 router bit for the countersink. I also notched out the side the terminals would be on so the speaker would have a tight fit, but the terminals wouldn't be crushed.
Run full range they sound incredible. Simply due to cone mass I get plenty of bass but it would never match a sub-woofer. I'm a helicopter pilot and I have a lot of hearing loss, so if there are highs missing... I can't hear it.
If anyone has an idea of how to improve the design (filters, etc) chime in.


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Very nice job! How deep is your cabinet? It looks like you may have some accidental MLTL effect going on there which will help pull the bass even lower than the 60 Hz tuning. Do you have any issues with the focusing that happens with a line-array? Usually with so many drivers laterally you will get a great sweet spot up and down (doesn't matter if standing or sitting) but your left-right sweet spot will be very narrow (have to sit directly in front middle). Maybe with only 4 drivers per channel effect is not too bad.
I bet it blows away any sound bar from the box stores. :cheers:
Thanks everyone
The box is 47.5 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep and 5 inches tall and sits about 4 inches from the wall. I posted about this build (search zvox) and a guy sent me a link to a white paper on horizontal line arrays. It helped a little in design though honestly it was a bit above my head.
I have a mid sized sectional about 7 feet from the Tv and you can sit anywhere and get good left/right sound.
For shear volume none of stuff I heard in the store could keep up and NONE of them produced as much bass. I'm pretty happy for the $170 or so I put into this. Some day I'll get around to building a sub to go with it.
Any ideas for improvement from the wicked smart audiophiles would be welcome and anyone in the Corpus area is welcome to come and hear it.
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