• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Home theater magic smoke...smoked and I think I heard a mirror crack...

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So it finally happened, My yamaha got to meet the yamaha maker so I am now left with an interesting bit of fun.

I've been following the Pete Millet's new PP amp with interest and with a 50 - 100 wpc possibility for @ $400 complete I see a glowing home theater in my future. I think two stereo, 1 monoish and eventually figure out the subwoofer.

With that in mind has anyone connected a Home theater processor (one w/ or w/o internal amps) and used tube audio to run their speakers? It could be heresy but I am seeing an opportunity to mix what I am now missing (home theater) with something I really enjoy tube amps. Is there a recommended Dobly/THX 5.1/6.1 or other modern DAC that mixes with tube amps?

the wife slipped the other day, I have IMPLIED Wife approval!! :D She said "I really like having the tube amp downstairs and you are right the sound is really good and it is cool." I have witnesses and am in the process of getting sworn statements...space may be an issue but I'll work that out later.

99% of electronics failures are from letting the smoke out. Never let the smoke out! I'll be interested to see what people come up with on this subject though, because I've thought about tube home theater myself...for a time when I have more money.
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I'm considering a similar setup, but will be building a 5.1 decoder based on one of John Broskies designs: "L+R and L-R in one stage"

My main Left and Right channels will be a Parallel Push-Pull 6AS7G AB1 (possibly AB2) design. My center speaker (if I need one,) will be a 6V6GT AB1 monoblock. My rear speakers will be an EL84 AB1 UL stereo amplifier.

But for now I am going solid state for my Subwoofer, I've got an Alesis RA500 that will work great until I build a 100w 6550GA monoblock for subwoofer duty.
ok just drove most of the day, brain not function right...short version Brodskie's made my head hurt. :D need to look at it again when brain no hurt.

the drop in solution, like Rotel, was what I had in mind. Need to look more into both and see what I want to do.

Am I calling what I want correctly? it is a DSP decoder? I havent looked for this style device in so long so I want to make sure when I start googling for possiblities/reviews I actually find what I'm looking for.

My set up is perhaps too basic, but I simply got one of those Sony blu-ray players that has the deconder built in. They brought them out because many people bought decoders/receivers already that aren't capable of using the lossless compression format from bluray so Sony put full 7.1 analogue outputs on the back of their consumer blu-ray players. It works.
I'm a simple sort of guy - if I wanted what you wanted, I would pick a middle-of-the-road AV receiver with pre-outs.

This is actually a pretty good solution. You can use the pre-outs for your front channels with tube amps, and use the internal amps for the surround duties. This unloads the internal power supply for better power handling of the internal amps that are used. It also allows a step-by-step build of your hi-fi system. You can have two tube amps to start, expand as your building budget allows.

Years ago when I looked at this very solution, some of the AV receivers had very good decoders. The difference in the lower budget to higher budget models looked like improvements in the amplifier section rather than the decoders section of the circuit. At that time I think Denon had some well reviewed models for this purpose, but I am sure things have changed some in the 5-6 years since I last looked at this.


well hell there's another option. I had thought that the pre-outs were across the board discontinued. the amp that just died had pre-outs but the new version it was dropped. some of the ones I looked at it wasnt an option either.

good to know that the increased price is usually for the power side. that is a nice option. add it to the list and see what shakes out.

I've got an old Technics Dolby decoder that I use, it does 5.1 and has a remote. It's old enough that the caps probably need replacing, but it works. I also use an old (2003) Denon reciever with analog outs in a different room. Both work well and would be the kind of thing you're looking for.
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