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Holton Precision Audio NXV500r2 stereo power amp

No, it's wider: 45 cm

Specs from Modushop:
Format: 3 Units
1x Front panel in aluminium 10mm oxidised black 450 mm
1x Rear panel in metal painted black anti-scratch
4x Heatsinks 200mm oxidised black temperature coefficient 0,5 C°/W
2x Covers in metal painted black anti-scratch
Width: 450mm internal 360mm
Depth: 400mm Internal height: 120 mm
Weight: 8,5 KG
€ 165,-

Other parts inside are:
2x Hypex UCD 700 PSU (€ 290,- each) + pcb for making the DC protection work.
2x Holton NXV 500r2 (€ 280,- each after customs fee)
2x 1KVA toroidal transformers (€ 185,- each)
Small parts (€75,-)

Total cost € 1750,-

Although strange enough there is not much written about this amp, it is an absolute top range amplifier! Very musical, detailed, strong bass but not bass heavy, magnificent soundstage. The reason I am selling it is because I have another one. I built this one to bi-amp. This however brought no serious improvement in my set up.