Hollywood Movie Awards

Hello members of DIYAudio,

Please vote for my roommate, Eric Hulen, for the "2010 Hollywood Discovery Award". He is trying to make it big. Go to the link below, scroll down till you get to "2010 Hollywood Discovery Awards" and click on Eric Hulen. He is currently a film major at Purdue and IS hollywood's man of the year! If you don't vote for him, Zeus might send a deity down to your residence to **** with your sandwiches when you're not looking. I'm serious. Zeus doesn't **** around and his deities love to **** with peoples sandwiches.:rolleyes: Of course I'm just kidding, but I know Eric personally and he's working very hard to get his name out there. He would really appreciate your vote.

Here is the voting website.

Hollywood Movie Awards® 2010 - Yahoo! Movies

and here is a link to Eric's video.

Hollywood Discovery Award

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