Holly Days time

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well ...... Friendship,Love and Respect ..........

this days one funny looking Drakar flowed in my area ..... and guess what's fallen from it on my head :

500G HDD , where one crazy Danske burned his own entire musical DVD collection ........ off course - as personal backup ..... ( what else :devilr: ? )

short list :

<A Tribute to Muddy Waters>
<Al Kooper and the rekooperators>
<Albert Collins>
<Albert Collins fuji>
<Albert King live in Sweeden>
<Albert Lee Live in Paris>
<Allman Brothers Band LIVE AT Great VOODS>
<American folk blues festival vol1>
<American folk blues festival vol2>
<American folk blues festival vol3>
<AZIA Live in USA>
<Band Du Lac>
<BB King Blues summit>
<BB King live at Apollo>
<BB KING Live in Afrika>
<BB King Most Famous Hit Live>
<Bernard Allison Kentucky Fried Blues>
<Big Bill Broonzy and Rosevelt Sykes>
<Blind Faith London Hyde Park 1969>
<Bobby Parker Montreux 2004>
<Bonnie Raitt Road Testet>
<Buddy Guy Montreux 2004>
<Chicago blues reunion>
<Chris Farlowe>
<Clarence Gatemounth Brown The Blues Of>
<Clarence Gatrmounth Brown Montereux 2004>
<Colluserum LIVE 94>
<Dave Mason Live at Sunrise>
<Deepest End>
<Derek Trucks Band>
<Emerson Lake& Parmer Live in Roal Albert Hall>
<Eric Claptom R. Johnson session>
<Eric Clapton & Friends in Concert>
<Eric Clapton 24 Nights>
<Eric Clapton After Midnight LIVE>
<Eric Clapton Friends LIVE 1986>
<Eric Clapton Live in Hyde Park>
<Eric Clapton Nothing But The Blues>
<Eric Clapton One more car one more rider Live 200
<Etta James>
<Frank Zappa>
<Frank Zappa Live The Pier NYC USA 26 August 1984>
<Freddie King Live at The Sugarbowl 1972>
<Gary Moore Montrux 1990>
<Gary More Tribute to Phil Lynott>
<George Thorogood 30th Anniversary Tour>
<Jack Bruce and Friends>
<jan Anderson>
<Jefeson Starship The Definitive Concert>
<Jeff Healey Montrux 1999>
<Jethro Tull Isle Wight1970>
<Jimmy Burns Live at B.L.U.ES>
<Jimmy Page Robert Plant UNLEDDED>
<Jo Louis Walker & The Bosstalkers>
<John Fogerty The Long Road Home>
<John Mayall 70 Birthday Concert>
<john Mayall Live in USA>
<John Mayall The Storie of Brittish Blues>
<Johnny Copeland Texas Twister>
<Jonny Winter Live Most Farmos Hits>
<Journey Live from Houston 1981>
<Keb Mo Sesion at West 54th>
<led zeppelin disk1>
<led zeppelin disk2>
<Legends Mountruex>
<Little Feat St.Louis>
<LOVE Forever Chance Concert>
<Marianne Faithfull>
<Mike Stern Live>
<Miles Davis>
<Muddy Waters>
<MUDDY WATERS Chicago Blues Festival>
<Muddy Waters Danmark 1968 Classic Concert>
<Otis Rush Live 1999>
<Pat Metheny>
<Peter Green Splinter Group In Concert>
<Pink Floyd David Gillmore 2002>
<Pink Floyd Delicate sound of Tunder>
<Pink Floyd LIVE at Pompeii>
<Pink Floyd Pulse 1>
<Pink Floyd Pulse 2>
<Pink Floyd Roger Waters In The Flesh>
<Pink Floyd The Wall BERLIN>
<Pink Floyd The Wall FILMEN>
<Popa Chubby The Officel>
<Procol Harum>
<Randy Brecker>
<Rod Piazza>
<Scorsese Lightning in a bottle>
<Skofield 1>
<Skofild 2>
<Steve Winwood>
<Stevie Ray Vaughan>
<Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at The EL Mocambo>
<Susan Tedeschi Live from Austin>
<Taj Mahall>
<Texas Blues Albert Collins Fredie King Ligthning
<The Allman Brothers Band Vol 1>
<The Allman Brothers Band vol2>
<The Blues Masters Present of Colin James>
<The Last Great TRAFFIC JAM>
<The STRAT Pack Live in Concert>
<U2 Rattle and Hum>
<Van Morrison>
<Walter Trout In Concert1993>
<WHO Tommy>
<Willie Nelson Live at Billy Box Texas>
<Woodstock DIARIES>

what can I say .........

just imagine amount of time , needed for that "project" ; fact that one PC DVD drive is probably totally worn , isn't even worth mentioning .

this is one of fugly rare occasions when I'm speechless .

did I deserve that sort of presents ? certainly one year of pure joy , packed just for me ?

I have no other xplanation , than - Holly Day's Time..............

cheers to all , and I wish to ya all at least tiny amount of good will , which I receive .


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