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Holco H4 resistors x100 (one lot only) NOS non magnetic type

Hi All,

I have rounded up a few more Holco H4, I can just about offer a bundle of 100pcs total. - all good useful values too. These are the very last of my Holco H4's!

21x 274R (subs 270R)
6x 100R
2x 10R
6x 1K5
40x 10K
8x 48K7 (subs 47K)
4x 4K7
3x 32K4 (subs 33K)
3x 4K75
7x odd values (1 each) 68K1,220R,60R4,634R,200K,135K,98K8

100 resistors total

Offered at GBP12.00 for the lot of 100pcs - a bargain for the NOS non-magnetic type.
Postage UK GBP2.00, Europe GBP4.00, Elsewhere GBP5.00
If you'd like them, please send a PM - be quick as these tend to sell rapidly!