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Holco H2-H4-H8

I have several thousand of these old non magnetic Holco resistors.

I originally bought them because I wanted some specific values.

I’m just testing the audience. Is there an interest in me listing those surplus to me? The price will be $1/pcs, min 50 assorted or one type, plain non-registered envelope. $5 in fixed shipping cost.

Of course if someone wants a substantial amount, reduced price and registered shipping will be made available.

Thanks for looking.



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Hello guys,

The last year I bought some matched mosfets from RM.
I paid extra for the matching!
When I got the package I just measured the mosfets with the dmm. Everything was good so I stashed them together with my other precious semis. These were to be used in a blowtorch clone.
This year the time to build the blowtorch had come and this time I connected the mosfets from RM to a temperature controlled rig to check how good they were matched.
To my surprise the mosfets were not matched.
So I contacted RM and explained about my problem, even if one year passed already he agreed to send some replacements matched exactly like I asked the first time.
I had paid with paypal friends and family and one year passed by already so if he wanted to play dirty he could do it.
After a long wait(I thought he wouldn’t send anything) I received my matched octet of mosfets and an extra octet. These were tightly matched so nothing to complain about this time.

RM is a good guy but very slow, so maybe you need to have a bit more patience?

PS. It happened the same to me that he accessed the forum and didn’t reply to my messages but in the end he solved it like a gentleman, who knows maybe the man is in a vacation(like he mentioned earlier)or maybe he has some serious problems…
So wait a bit more… this if your house doesn’t burn out because of this.
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Patience? He was responding fairly quickly with private messaging until he just stopped one day. Nothing but silence from him. I've asked for a PayPal refund from him which has been ignored. He was on this site yesterday and yet he cannot give me my money back?

I am a retiree on a limited income (with serious health issues) just trying to have a little enjoyment out of tinkering with audio and my money is taken? It is totally on me to have used PayPal F&F and I have no recourse to get money back. His account here should be suspended.
Hi guys, the last 2-3 three weeks I have been to and fro. I ended up with buying a house in Sweden, where my kids live. The transaction is now concluded and I`m back in business.

Sorry for the delay, the distance between my current location and the new one, is about 600km, one way. I have traveled there five times in the last three weeks so I haven`t been able to communicate.

All outstanding orders will go out today.

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