Hmmm, better than metal reflectors?

"Brand new! SANYO's new optical system ensures the PLC-XP10N of an actual screen brightness of 1400 ANSI lumens - or greater - on all parts of the screen. This means that the picture is uniformly clear right out to the edges, even with large screens. The unit uses a newly developed 160-watt Superior Intensity Discharge (SID) lamp that offers exceptional brightness while consuming significantly less power. The PLC-XP10N also features a revolutionary Micro Lens Array technology and prism system, which recycles light energy that is wasted as heat in other conventional projectors. Since its optical system delivers an incredible 1400 ANSI lumens, the PLC-XP10N can be used in virtually any situation without dimming the room lights."

Was on ebay and noticed this. Seems some new lcd projectors are using prisms and MLA to use the back half of the bulb and not a reflector. Maybe somtihing to that, sure there is, but can we do it without it being too $ or complicated. Any ideas?

1400 ansi lumens out of a 160watt bulb is good even for a 3 panel lcd projector. Being our loses of light would be greater due to the single color panel but none the less it would be ore efficient then a metal reflector, no?:confused: