HK 980 output stage question

HK980 has 2X80W RMS and have a, per channel, double push-pull output transistor (2SC5242 and complementary) sheet/C5242.pdf

2SC5243 sheet says that is:

Suitable fro use in 80-W high fidelity audio amplifier’s output stage

But this is in single push-pull, I think. If push-pull is doble, will be double power output? If yes, why power output of HK980 is "only" 80W por channel instead 160W per channel?


2005-05-15 9:51 am
The HK power ratings are derived mainly from the power supply and the speaker load with some overhead. In other words transistors don't deliver the power, they control it, so to speak. Note the power ratings also depend on the load ie 8,6, or 4 ohm speakers.
They (HK) use double output transistors to assure safety against using the peak power that can be delivered at higher distortion. If you pushed the HK and measured the output power I'm sure you would see higher than their rated specs. Device data sheets are a guidlines only and don't take all the engineering safety margins into account.