HK 330A stereo lamp

In removing it, I broke the small lamp for the "Stereo" indicator on my HK 330A. Have been unable to find a matching bulb. I was thinking about replacing it with an LED.

Measured the voltage across the lamp leads, which I believe is an 8V lamp, and found 32V regardless of the receiver's function setting or frequency tuning. Does that not seem odd?

I have a circuit posted here if it helps.
With the lamp out of circuit, there is no current through the dropping resistors, R324 & R325 so you will see the full B5 voltage of 30 volts.
The schematic shows the lamp to be 14 volts at 80mA.
The odd thing though is that when TR304 conducts in the presence of a stereo signal, you get the full 30 volts across the lamp.