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Hiraga Le Monstre Transistors GB


2005-09-02 11:15 am
I have access for the original power transistors and for the orig driver transistor .
Also very good replacement for the small BJT from Sanyo.
I can make a small group buy. If there is enough interest ,we can get as much so I can match them!
Price about $30US/a matched set for a stereo , depend how many guy interested! If there is enough interest we can keep the price low and can be matched!
No JFet .
Toshiba 2SD844 & 2SB754 Power trany
Hitachi 2SB716 & 2SD756 Driver
Sanyo 2SA1016 & 2SC2362 small signal (better than the orig BJT)
One week for these GB if amy people interested !!

Sincerely gaborbela