Hiraga amplifier and Sanken transistors

I found this website during my web search for schematic of Hiraga amplifier:
I think, it is original schematic of this amp with PCB made by website owner. I have a question about use of Sanken transistors for output devices.
Can I use Sanken 2SA1216 and 2SC2922 transistors instead of D188 and A627 from original schematic?
Thanks for the help !!!
Hello lohk,
I did search the forum for answers, but I could not get information about Sankens in reference to above schematic. Usually, transistors are being discussed on higher knowledge level than I have. Recommended replacement for Hiraga amp are MJ series from Motorola ( On Semi). I have also found very good opinions about Sanken transistors. I wonder, which are more recommended for Hiraga ? I would also have another question about Sankens. If they would be recommended for this amp, can I use them as direct replacement, or circuit has to be changed to accomodate them?
I hope someone will be willing to help us...........:angel: