Hilarious descriptions in audio sales literature

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This cracked me up today browsing... Goes beyond poor translation

"The tone is different from the silicon tube, and it is different from the tube and the field effect tube. It has its unique charm and style, like lobster and chicken soup."

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What strange comparisons or superlatives have you seen in descriptions for audio equipment which made you chuckle?
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I'm not certain we even have to search elsewhere:
"For the triode, it is very strange after 80 and 90. If you haven’t played the funeral, you can let go of your experience and experience!"
Um, ok... But wait - there's more!
"This feature makes the sound of the fistula release very divergent. Force is not simply a more traditional sound that can be described and compared with the timid sound, but it is innate to the fistula"
Uh, I'm not sure I even want to go there. Yes, light-years beyond poor translation! :D

Very strange. :p
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The infamous random marketing brouhaha-generator now on oriental steroids.
The ingredients of this soup are selected by the cook Algorithm, who happens to enjoy a hobby involving a 'silicon tube' (just to differentiate from ordinairy and field effect tubes).
This is of all times, and motivated me an odd 20 years ago to leave the audio bizz and enjoy a theatre job as head tech.
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More of a funny translation than down right factory wrapped English sales jargon
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