My name is Michael Hy Yaffe, I come from the St. Louis area (Belleville, IL), and I have been interested in all things musical and electronics-driven since 1975. I am a DIY klutz, and have been forever, so I figger the only way to face the reality of my plight and find a way to alleviate the sore fact is to start hanging out with the DIY heavies here and try to absorb some things that might find a way to stick without flying completely over my head in the meantime. Please have patience with me as I have crap math skills, I mean nearly none, basic grasp on anything going on here, but in the interest of savig some money on gear I would like to see if I can learn anything new at the age of 52. I'm not quite an old dog, but I definitely have the desire to pick up enough basic skills to where I can do some basic things. I don't know, I might be biting off more than I can chew, but you'll all know that if I just up and disappear one day... I'll hang as long as my poor brain will allow. Thanks for your tolerance in advance.:)