High Voltage Power Supply Caps

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Hey Guys,

I am going to rebuild my 845 monos, and would like to eliminate the electrolytics in the power supply. I need caps that can handle 1000-1200 VDC. I am familiar with the ASC oil-cans, but they do not seem to have the voltage/capacitances in need.

Jensen seems to have some high voltage metalized caps, but I question the availability of these products.

So, any suggestions?


I have a handfull of each.

They have been saved for me and my closest friends projects, unfortunately my wife is of a different opinion, so now I have downgraded the demands to selling them to somebody whom will actually use them, as I don't want to see them end up in somebody's pile of collected parts he "just could not live without".

I bought them from an old friend of mine whom ultimately had the same issue with his wife.

Magura :)
Firstly, is the wife tired of the projects in general, or just projects of such high voltage/consequence, and secondly, what do you want for the caps?

I'm fortunate the my girlfriendf is quite understanding of my hobbies, and lets me fiddle as I feel necessary. She doesnt understand it, but likes that they make me happy.

This is not to say I can ignore her. She is a firey italian woman, and lets me know when she needs attention!!!

I've dodged a few flying plates, and thus have learned my lessons...

Anyway.... back to caps.

Are they super expensive? My 845 monos would make a good home, no?
88uf 1200VDC

Look at the surplus sites for these 88uF 1200VDC caps. Everyone was selling them for a while. I bought two for $14 each from Herbach Rademan a few years ago. Beware the cans are square and about a foot high with inch long ceramic terminal lugs. That or you can series wire 600v motor run caps. I bought the giant caps for power supply testing. Its nice not having to worry about exceeding the voltage.

Just watch the terminals. Shorting a fully charged one would probably melt a screwdriver :)
I have a friend who works in the medical equipment repair field. He has become an excellent source of high voltage caps. There is a lot of old equipment that is no longer certifiable for use in the USA. Much of it is exported (to the Caribean) or used in veternary medicine.

Two good sources that do not get used in veternary medicine are electrosurgery machines, and defibrillators. The cap in my 845SE came from an electrosurgery machine. It is 4uF 2500 volt. The cap that is going in the 833A SE is 16uF 7.5 KV. Both are paper in oil. Some defibrillators had 30uF at 4KV caps. Often these machines can be purchased for their scrap value. I got buth machines for $10. The electrosurgery unit had 2 813 tubes in it. The defib caps are rated for pulse discharge and thus have a low ESR, and a low inductance. This makes them excellent for tube amps.

I use electrolytics for the input cap and PIO caps after the choke. This is a good compromise.
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