High Voltage and a Microwave oven


Ok, I just took apart my old microwave oven for the high voltage power supply. I am now left with the control circuitry, HV transformer, and one 2,300vac capacitor. The capacitor says it has an internal resistor but do I still need to discharge it so I don't get zapped (so far so good)? Is the output voltage of the transformer usually around 2.3kv?

Thanks David
a 500 pf doorknob capacitor from a TV will hold enough charge to knock you on your derriere.

there have been applications of microwave power transformers in
ham radio gear, I don't really know of anyone who is using one. you might want to check by posting at rec.radio.amateur.homebrew

i guess when I started taking apart tv's for ham radio transmitters in the 1960's enough shocks from things which I thought to be dead taught me a lot of respect for HV. you have to get started somewhere, however.
microwave transformer fun

I remember playing around with a couple of these transformers... a friend and I once cut one apart, removed the secondary, replaced it with a few turns of #14 solid wire, and clamped it back together. We made a nice arc lamp with a couple pieces of pencil... Very bright, but it would pop the 15A breaker after a few seconds. :eek:


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2001-11-13 5:19 am
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Dont forget your welder's helmet with an arc or you get welders gritty eyes. Very painful. Need a fan for the fumes.

Many Microwave oven transformers the laminations are welded to reduce buzzing noise. Some of the latest models dont have a big transformer . They use electronic power supply.