HIGH spEND audio

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Like the reference No. 32 reference preamplifier, do you really think Arlon 25N sounds better than a teflon-based substrate? Or do you think it's because Arlon offers a dielectric constant of 3.38 which is better than regular FR4, but costs about 5.3X times less than Teflon, and does not require sodium etch and all sorts of hell for plated through holes.

What a crock...

Teflon is the way to go if you don't need plated through holes.
Arlon Telflon

The component density in these product is such that I would be willing to bet that the boards are probably 4 to 6 layers. I would not want to buy production PC boards in Teflon. You don't even want to think about the cost and yield problems. All of the audio stuff with teflon boards has been small quantity specialist stuff. Using Arlon boards shows that they are trying to better than FR4 and still trying to buid some thing reliable and that can be produced in quantiy. To be fair, They spend alot on R and D and features, and cosmetics. You would not believe what trade shows and advertising cost for a high end product. I like to think of this type of equipment as a BMW or Mercedes automobile. I think the members of this for forum are more like people who but Miatas and spend $7000 on super chargers and suspension packages.
That's pretty much the spirit in which I modify audio equipment.
Buy some something used and spend the money on the parts that the designer couldn't at the market price he aimed at. These people are trying to make a living.... as for me, I want to build the audio equivalent of Formula 1 race cars.

MMmhh yes you are right skippy. I does not have to be cheaper to make DIY... Not that ML, Krell or other firms don't build with HQ parts ..
They just have to live from it. And to justify the high price their parts are often mounted in HQ boxes..
I do not think that firms like KRELL ships 1000 units/month..
Low Volume => high price.
I have the same problem where i work. We try to use the same components in many things as possible.. Some times it is overkill ..YES but we can get a high volume on the parts => low unit price from our distributor.

I think the DIY people use more money on their parts and less on their boxes!?

I agree with everything you said. Although, some DIY people spend more on their box than they do on their parts. Some projects warrant that (Pass A75 and Aleph). I find that sometimes I have to spend a little more on the box due to the wife factor. She does'nt care what goes in it. She cares about how it matches the room.:D Take a look at my A75 at Pass DIY in the gallery. The case was the most expensive thing.

May all your projects never give up their smoke
Hey Skippy, nice mechanic work! Looks nice!

But a Class A amp like the A75 have to be done the right way. Like the way you have done. It is easy to destroy a well performing AMP with a bad mechanic layout. When not done right we could get problems with mechanic induced distortion. Well known in some recievers used in the old days.
Hit the casing with a fist and the sound oscillates!

(By the way : Sorry about my english writing.)

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.